Since 1984, D.F. Clark, Inc. has strived to provide quality service and integrity to each an every customers. Starting as an excavation contractor, D.F. Clark, Inc. has grown into a Full Service Septic System Company offering all aspects of service in the wastewater industry.

D.F. Clark, Inc. provides the following services:

  • Title 5 Inspections: D.F. Clark has four full time licensed inspectors to provide complete, prompt and professional inspections of both residential or commercial septic systems.
  • Septic System Installations: New systems and septic system upgrades (replacement of existing system).
  • Maintenance of on-site wastewater technology: Maintenance of on-site wastewater systems.  We provide pumping of septic tanks, cesspools and tight tanks.  Yearly maintenance services are available to determine frequency of pumping.
  • Septic Repair: Installation of baffles or tees, clogged and/or broken pipes, access covers, risers and sewer ejector pumps.
  • Replacement of Individual Components: Distribution boxes, septic tanks and pump chambers.
  • Home Site Development: Excavation, grading utility trenching and sewer mains.

The ultimate goal of D.F. Clark, Inc. is to have well trained service personnel, a consumer that is well informed, a protected environment and an enhanced water resource.